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Boston Beer Co. to Release $160, 29% ABV Samuel Adams Utopia 2012 in October

Samuel Adams Utopia 2012 from the Boston Beer Co.

The Boston Beer Co. will reportedly release the latest entry in its specialty “Samuel Adams Utopias” line of ridiculously-high-ABV brews in October.

Here’s a quick description of the Sam Adams Utopias series, from the Boston Beer Co:

“The history of Samuel Adams Utopias comes from the extreme beers of [Sam Adams] Triple Bock and Millenium [sic] that came before it. With those brews we began the exploration of aging beer in barrels for a different flavor contribution. With Utopias, we took that process to another level by introducing a variety of casks that the beer was aged in, each offering their own unique flavor…. Samuel Adams Utopias has been brewed in three small limited batches to date, growing stronger with each batch. The first batch which was released in 2001 topped out at 24%ABV, for the fourth batch in 2009 we reached 27%ABV. Each batch was only released once in limited quantities.”

Despite the above information from the Boston Beer Co. website, WashingtonPost.com says the first Utopia brew from the Boston Beer Co. was released in 2002, and the 2012 version is meant to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the first Utopia release. I’m not sure what to believe, but The Post’s information seems to make sense, considering it has an image of a bottle that reads “Utopias 10th Anniversary,” and “Cheers to 10 years!” (See above.)

Release details aside, the 29-ish% ABV 2012 Samuel Adams Utopia will come in a ceramic bottle that’s meant to look like a brew kettle, just like the earlier Utopias, The Post says. The 2012 Utopia bottle with be black, however; past versions had coppery-golden bottles.

The brew is reportedly bronze-colored. It has little or no carbonation. And Boston Beer Co. Jim Koch told The Post the beer is different than past Utopia not only because of its higher ABV, but it’s also finished for several months in Nicaraguan rum barrels, “which added notes of ‘cocoa and fig’ and pushed it in a ‘sherrylike, oaky direction.'” Port and bourbon casks were also reportedly used to condition the brew.

The 2012 Samuel Adams Utopia will find its way into 15,000, 24-ounce bottles, and it will have a suggested retail price of $160, according to the report.

I’ve never had a Samuel Adams Utopia brew, and frankly, I don’t plan on dropping $160 or more for one any time soon, but that’s just me. Find more information on the Samuel Adams website.


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