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Samuel Adams 2007 Utopias Expected to Become First Officially-Auctioned Beer in US, Sell for ~$500

Samuel Adams 2007 Utopias

Massachusetts-based auction house Skinner will soon auction off two bottles of Samuel Adams 2007 Utopias as part of a fine wine auction, and the auctioneer says it will be the first time a beer has been officially auctioned off in the United States.

Beers were auctioned very frequently on eBay in the past, and some buyers paid absolutely ridiculous prices for rare or hard-to-find brews. But eBay recently promised to crack down on shady alcohol sales, and few, if any, beers are currently for sale on eBay.

Samuel Adams released its 10th anniversary Utopias this month, and its list price is $160. (Read more about the 2012 Samuel Adams Utopias here.) The 2007 Utopias retailed for $120 when it was released. Skinners says it expects the 2007 Utopias to sell for between $350 and $550 in the auction, but auctioneers usually overestimate projected sales, so it will probably sell for a figure that’s closer to the bottom of that range.

Beers like Samuel Adams Utopias that are produced in small quantities and that age well due to very high ABVs sometimes become collector’s items that may never actually be consumed. So who knows? Some rich and crazy collector many drop a fortune on one of Skinner’s bottles.


Via The-Leader.com; image via Bookofjoe.com

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