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Today is National Drink Beer Day…But What the Hell is National Drink Beer Day?

Beer Bottles on a shelf

Today is supposedly National Drink Beer Day—NATIONAL DRINK BEER DAY!

Sounds great, right? But do beer nerds and brew aficionados really need another excuse to drink good beer on a Friday? No, we don’t.

So what the hell is National Drink Beer Day, anyway?

I can’t seem to find any sort of “official” reference to National Drink Beer Day, and therefore, I have no idea who decided that September 28 should get the honor of being a beer holiday. Nor can I tell if this is the first year we’re celebrating National Drink Beer Day. For all I know, Anheuser-Busch or one of the other Wal-Marts of the beer world came up with the idea.

It’s worth noting that International Drink Beer Day has its own website, and it was held last month on August 5. It was organized by “two guys, dedicated to uniting the world in celebration of beer.” And the website even has a nice little breakdown of the “holiday:”

The purpose of IBD is threefold:

  1. To gather with friends and enjoy the deliciousness that is beer.
  2. To celebrate the dedicated men and women who brew and serve our beer.
  3. To bring the world together under the united banner of beer, by celebrating the beers of all nations and cultures together on this one remarkable day.

I can find no such information on National Drink Beer Day, so I’m calling bullshit on the whole shebang. But you know what? I’ll still be drinking a beer today. And you should too. Cheers.


(Image via TriangleArtsAndEntertainment.org)

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