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Add Beer-Nerd Flair to Your Home or Office with Vintage-Bottle Lamps

Vintage Beer Bottle Table Lamp

Are you a beer nerd seeking stylish lighting options for your home or office? Look no further than Peared Creation’s awesome lamps made of vintage beer bottles.

The company offers a ton of different lamp styles, including desk or table lamps, stand-up lamps and outdoor lamps. And all of them are made of unique and stylish combinations of gas-pipe, vintage beer bottles and funky on/off hand cranks.

You can also pick your own vintage beer bottle based on its U.S. state of origin, though Peared Creations only offers bottles from a handful of states.

Vintage Beer Bottle Table Lamp

Pricing varies widely based on the type of lamp, but you can get a vintage-bottle outdoor sconce lamp for just $85, plus shipping, and a desk lamp for as little as $95.00.

Visit Etsy.com for a look at some of the lamps or make your own at PearedCreation.com.


via CoolMaterial.com and Gizmodo

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