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Meat-Head Infants Love Keg Stands Too

ASU Baby Keg Stand Image

I’m pretty sure this is the first baby-keg-stand picture I’ve ever seen. It’s definitely the best baby-keg-stand picture I’ve seen. It was apparently posted to the site TheDirty.com by some Arizona State University tailgater.

I don’t condone infant drinking. In fact, whenever I see a baby with a beer in its pudgy mitt, I give that little bastard the Stink Eye. Baby drunks are the worst. They can’t even speak, but suddenly they know everything. They try to start fights with everybody, and they cry randomly.

Joking aside—and I’m pretty sure that’s all this picture is, a joke—the people getting all up in arms about this ridiculous pic need to chill the fuck out. (I’m looking at you, Anna-Megan Raley of Chron.com’s FanZone blog.) In general, I’m not a fan of jock douche-bags who do kegs stands, but I don’t think anyone is hurting the kid by making him pose for some silly picture.

Cat with a Red Sox hat

This baby keg-stand photo is the equivalent of me putting a Red Sox hat on my cat and snapping a shot of him, which I’m sure would really piss off some cat-loving Yankee-fan nutcase.


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