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Man Drinks Wife’s Beer, Wife Calls 911 and Ends Up in the Clink

Running of out beer at the wrong time can be a legitimate emergency, for me at least. But calling 911 is not a good way to resolve the issue. Just ask Kathleen Lech, a 50-year-old moron from Belleville, Illinois, who called 911 in hopes that they’d send someone to reprimand her boyfriend for drinking four of her beers.

Kathleen Lech Mugshot

The 911 dispatcher let her off the hook for the first call, but after she called back to bitch about them not finding her husband, the police showed up at her residence and arrested her for disorderly conduct, misuse of 911 and, you guessed it, drunkenness. Maybe, just maybe, she didn’t need another beer after all.

If you want to, you can to listen the 911 calls here, but they’re really not very funny, and I’m sure you can find something better to do. Like drinking a beer.


Via St. Louis Post-Dispatch

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