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The ‘Best Beer Labels Ever’

Cantillon Bottle Labels

This morning I came across a list of “the best beer labels ever.” It does not, in my opinion, spotlight the best beer labels ever, despite what its source, CoolMaterial.com says. But these types of lists are obviously opinion-based, and this one does show off some cool-looking bottles and cans. The list should probably be called “Best Beer Bottle Designs Ever” though because it’s not just the labels that make these brews look so interesting. My favorite designs in the list are the Cervecería Sagrada Guero Gomez lager, the Bold City Mad Manatee IPA and the Ippon Matsu Ganko milk stout, though I’ve never tasted any of these beers.

Russian River Supplication Temptation Bottles

I’d have to say my personal favorite labels come from Cantillon and Russian River, which also happen to be two of my favorite breweries. Many Cantillon bottles have labels with beautiful paintings on them, and all of Russian River’s “tion” beers show different, crazy-looking blades.

Hit CoolMaterial.com for a look at its list of the best beer labels ever.


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