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The ‘Best Beer Labels Ever’

Cantillon Bottle Labels

This morning I came across a list of “the best beer labels ever.” It does not, in my opinion, spotlight the best beer labels ever, despite what its source, CoolMaterial.com says. But these types of lists are obviously opinion-based, and this one does show off some cool-looking bottles and cans. The list should probably be called “Best Beer Bottle Designs Ever” though because it’s not just the labels that make these brews look so interesting. My favorite designs in the list are the Cervecería Sagrada Guero Gomez lager, the Bold City Mad Manatee IPA and the Ippon Matsu Ganko milk stout, though I’ve never tasted any of these beers.

Russian River Supplication Temptation Bottles

I’d have to say my personal favorite labels come from Cantillon and Russian River, which also happen to be two of my favorite breweries. Many Cantillon bottles have labels with beautiful paintings on them, and all of Russian River’s “tion” beers show different, crazy-looking blades.

Hit CoolMaterial.com for a look at its list of the best beer labels ever.


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UBN PSA: Recycle Your Damn Empties

Empty Beer Bottles for recycling in a box

This Urban Beer Nerd public service announcement should be a no-brainer: Responsible drinkers always recycle their empty beer bottles and cans.

Beer nerds accumulate lots of empties, and we all need to do our part to make sure they don’t end up in a river or something, even if it’s a pain in the ass sometimes to haul loads of empties back to liquor stores and line them up in boxes based on color or jam them into an automatic bottle-return machine. Just do it.

My asshole neighbor continues to throw bottles and cans away instead of recycling, and it pissed me off to no end when I see a bag filled with empties in our trashcan. Don’t be that guy. If you live in a city or densely populated area in a state that requires bottle deposits and you don’t want to recycle them yourself, leave your bottles and cans on the sidewalk; somebody will take them.


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Add Beer-Nerd Flair to Your Home or Office with Vintage-Bottle Lamps

Vintage Beer Bottle Table Lamp

Are you a beer nerd seeking stylish lighting options for your home or office? Look no further than Peared Creation’s awesome lamps made of vintage beer bottles.

The company offers a ton of different lamp styles, including desk or table lamps, stand-up lamps and outdoor lamps. And all of them are made of unique and stylish combinations of gas-pipe, vintage beer bottles and funky on/off hand cranks.

You can also pick your own vintage beer bottle based on its U.S. state of origin, though Peared Creations only offers bottles from a handful of states.

Vintage Beer Bottle Table Lamp

Pricing varies widely based on the type of lamp, but you can get a vintage-bottle outdoor sconce lamp for just $85, plus shipping, and a desk lamp for as little as $95.00.

Visit Etsy.com for a look at some of the lamps or make your own at PearedCreation.com.


via CoolMaterial.com and Gizmodo

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