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Beer’d: Rogue to Release Ale Made with Yeast from Brewmaster’s Beard

Rogue Brewmaster John Maier

Rogue Brewmaster John Maier

The funkier the yeast in a beer, the better, I usually say. But Rogue Ales is working on a new brew that may be a little too funky.

The Newport-Oregon-based brewer is currently working on a beer that’s made with yeast taken from the beard of its brewmaster, John Maier, who has a college degree in brewing from the Siebel Institute of Technology.

From KPTV:

“Rogue is developing an ale made from wild yeast harvested from the whiskered beard of the its award-winning brewmaster, John Maier. Maier’s beard hasn’t been cut since a six-pack of beer cost less than two dollars.

“Nine beard follicles were carefully cut from the Maier’s beard. The follicles were placed in a Petri dish and sent in for testing. Amazingly, the lab found a yeast cell, did some fermentation tests and the unorthodox ‘beard beer’ was born.”

That shit is nasty. Dude hasn’t chopped his beard since 1978; the beard is older than I am. But I’m a big Rogue fan, and I’ll still probably try the beard beer when it’s released, if I can find it.

Rogue’s beard beer doesn’t have an official name yet, but the brewery says it will become available in 2013. Here’s my simple suggestion for a name: Rogue Beer’d.


Via KPTV.com

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