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Beer’d: Rogue to Release Ale Made with Yeast from Brewmaster’s Beard

Rogue Brewmaster John Maier

Rogue Brewmaster John Maier

The funkier the yeast in a beer, the better, I usually say. But Rogue Ales is working on a new brew that may be a little too funky.

The Newport-Oregon-based brewer is currently working on a beer that’s made with yeast taken from the beard of its brewmaster, John Maier, who has a college degree in brewing from the Siebel Institute of Technology.

From KPTV:

“Rogue is developing an ale made from wild yeast harvested from the whiskered beard of the its award-winning brewmaster, John Maier. Maier’s beard hasn’t been cut since a six-pack of beer cost less than two dollars.

“Nine beard follicles were carefully cut from the Maier’s beard. The follicles were placed in a Petri dish and sent in for testing. Amazingly, the lab found a yeast cell, did some fermentation tests and the unorthodox ‘beard beer’ was born.”

That shit is nasty. Dude hasn’t chopped his beard since 1978; the beard is older than I am. But I’m a big Rogue fan, and I’ll still probably try the beard beer when it’s released, if I can find it.

Rogue’s beard beer doesn’t have an official name yet, but the brewery says it will become available in 2013. Here’s my simple suggestion for a name: Rogue Beer’d.


Via KPTV.com

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Timmerman’s Framboise Lambicus (2012) Review

One of my favorite craft beer styles right now is the lambic. I really like sour beers, and many lambics are quite sour or at least very tart. And many are brewed with fruit.

My latest sour lambic: Timmerman’s Framboise Lambicus (2012). It came in a large “bomber” bottle (1 pint, 9.36 fl. oz.), and it was bottled on May 31, 2012. The price was $12.25, though pricing will vary based on retailer.

Timmerman's Framboise Lambicus in a Goblet

First thing you notice after removing the cork is a very strong raspberry scent that immediately wafts out of the bottle. (Framboise is the French word for raspberry.) I poured the brew very slowly into a small-stemmed goblet, and it settled with medium carbonation and very little head. The color of the beer is a beautiful and vivid deep pinkish-red, and it seems to glow if you hold it up to a light.

The raspberry flavor tastes natural, unlike many framboise lambics or other raspberry flavored beers that taste fake or too sugary.  Some lambics are noticeably acidic. This one isn’t. And that’s a good thing. The brew is also aged in oak, though the associated flavor is rather mild.

Timmerman’s Framboise Lambicus has a low, 4.0ABV, and you really can’t taste any alcohol. In fact, it tastes a lot like a carbonated raspberry juice.

I’m still working a better rating system for the Urban Beer Nerd blog, but right now, I’m using a 10-point system, with 10 points being the best possible rating. I give Timmerman’s Framboise Lambicus a 7/10 rating. (BeerAdvocate.com user rating is 74/100 based on 63 reviews at the time of this post.)

Deep pinkish-red color of Timmerman's Framboise Lambicus

Timmerman’s claims to be the “World’s oldest lambic brewery,” and the Belgian brewery is part of the Anthony Martin “Finest Beer Selection” family of brewers.

Learn more about Timmerman’s Framboise Lambicus or order the beer online from the Anthony Martin website.


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Stone Levitation Ale Barbeque Sauce is Fantastic

I’m a big fan of Stone Brewing Co. and its Levitation Ale, so when I saw the company’s Stone Levitation Ale Barbeque Sauce on sale at the Craft Beer Cellar in Belmont, Mass., I didn’t hesitate to buy a bottle. And I’m glad I did. It is some seriously delicious sauce. Awesome sauce, you might say. Chili de Arbol and liquid smoke give it a very mild spice and smoky taste. And the Levitation Ale and some Stone Pale Ale mustard add a unique flavor that’s unlike any other bbq sauce I’ve had before.

Stone Levitation Ale Barbeque Sauce

I marinated a chicken breast for about three hours before grilling it up, added a bit more sauce after it was cooked, and I was a happy man. Unfortunately, my girlfriend didn’t feel the same way, because she’s a vegan and the sauce contains anchovies.

As with most of Stone’s brews, the bbq sauce has some amusing text on its bottle. Here’s my favorite part:

“If this bottle is a gift, we apologize that you had to learn about your, err…’grilling & marinating challenges’ this way. Your friends and family want you to succeed. They want the best for you. And themselves.”

Nice touch.

Stone also makes a Smoked Porter Barbeque Sauce, but I haven’t tried that one yet. Both sauces can be purchased online for $7, plus shipping, from the Stone Company Store.


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