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Spread Holiday Cheer with Artisan Chocolate and Sam Adams Beer

Samuel Adams Beer Lover's Chocolate Box

The Boston Beer Co, makers of Samuel Adams beer, and artisan chocolatier, yesterday announced their Samuel Adams Beer Lover’s Chocolate Box, which costs $16.95, and comes with a dozen 8-gram chocolate squares and no beer—the Sam Adams is sold separately.

From a related press release:

“The Brewers at Samuel Adams worked closely with TCHO’s Chief Chocolate Maker Brad Kintzer to design the gift box so that each premium chocolate pairs with a Samuel Adams brew from the Samuel Adams Winter Classics Variety Pack. Just in time for holiday festivities and gifting, this assortment of specialty chocolates will prove to any foodie that beer and chocolate are the perfect combination.”

If you’re interested, you should act fast; the first 150 orders ship with two Sam Adams “perfect pint” glasses.

You can order your Samuel Adams Beer Lover’s Chocolate Box or find more information on


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How to Make Your Own Custom Beer Nerd Christmas Ornament

Beer Nerd Christmas Tree Ornament

Yesterday my girlfriend and I bought our 2012 Christmas tree. After setting it up and arguing about whether or not it was straight enough in its shitty-plastic stand, we dug up our box of ornaments and started decorating. I cracked a bottle of Stone Brewing Co.’s Enjoy By 12.21.12 IPA and quickly realized that I don’t have any craft-beer-related Christmas tree ornaments. Shameful, I know.

I decided to remedy this unfortunate issue and make my own custom beer nerd Christmas ornament. If you can gather a handful of bottle caps, a round Christmas ornament and some Krazy Glue you too can make your own beer nerd ornament. (But your ornament probably won’t be as awesome as mine.)

Step one: Collect bottle caps. I didn’t use standard bottles caps, but instead chose to use the smaller caps that come on top of corked bottles of beer. I also used caps from different breweries, but you could use only caps from your favorite brewery.

Step two: Buy Krazy Glue.

Step three: Get yourself a round Christmas tree ornament.

Step four: Crack a beer. (You might get thirsty while building your custom ornament. I know I did.)

Step five: Carefully apply Krazy Glue to the bottom edges of your bottle caps, and then stick them one at a time to your ornament. Be patient and let each one dry before trying to add more caps. (Note: The Urban Beer Nerd assumes no responsibility for fingers stuck to other digits, bottle caps, your beer or anything else. If you can’t use Krazy Glue without getting it everywhere, you have no business making this ornament. Moron.)

Step six: Let glue dry, hang the ornament on your Christmas tree, raise your glass for a toast and then bask in your new creation’s glory.


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Thankful for Craft Beer

Rodenbach Vintate Allagash Interlude Stone Enjoy By IPA Brux

This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for craft beer. (I’m also thankful for lots of other things—and people—but this is a beer blog, so I won’t bore you with all that shit).

As I wandered around my local beer shop yesterday, stocking up for today’s holiday, I couldn’t help but feel happy about the current state of craft beer in my home state of Massachusetts and throughout the rest of the United States. I stopped in one of the liquor store aisles, surrounded by bomber bottles stacked so high I couldn’t see beyond them, and thought about how awesome it is that beer is finally getting the respect it deserves. Talented brewers are pushing the boundaries of beer making every day, and I, and all my fellow beer lovers, get to reap the benefits.  For that, I’m truly thankful.

What you see above is my Thanksgiving 2012 craft beer lineup. I plan to start with Stone Brewing Co.‘s fantastic Enjoy By 12.21.12 IPA, then move on to the Russian River/Sierra Nevada collaboration wild ale, Brux. After that, I’ll either pop the cork on the Rodenbach Vintage 2009 or the Allagash 2009 Interlude; I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.

I hope you’ve got something special to sip on today, too. Happy Thanksgiving, beer nerds.


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Happy Halloween, Beer Nerds

craft beer bottles and a pumpkin

Halloween is upon us once again. If you’re a female, go dress extra slutty and act like you haven’t been waiting all year to do so. If you’re a dude, put on whatever random costume you can throw together at the last minute and go stare at extra-slutty looking woman. Or just sit on your couch eating candy and watching horror movies.  I don’t care what the fuck you do. Just do it with a nice cold (craft) beer in hand.

Happy Halloween, beer nerds.


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