Barfly’s Views

d.b.a. beer bar in New York City's East Village

Urban beer nerds spend a lot of time in bars—especially the Urban Beer Nerd. Barfly’s Views give you, well, barfly’s views of my favorite haunts, quality beer bars, random watering holes I visit during travels and other noteworthy beer-nerd destinations. (Hit this link to see all of my Barfly’s Views on one page.)


4 thoughts on “Barfly’s Views

  1. Bill D says:

    Great story on the Zwanze Day at Lord Hobo. Definitely going to visit soon. Have you tried The Great Lost Bear in Portland? Impressive draft beer selection and good grub as well.

    • Thanks Bill. I had a great time at Zwanze Day this year. I definitely recommend it. I’ve never been to the Great Lost Bear. But I plan to check it out next time I’m in Portland. Novare Res is my favorite Portland bar right now.


  2. hi Urban Beer Nerd, how do we get in touch with you? We would love to show you our cool stuff, made for beer garden but great for a man cave.

    We are collaborating with a large brand new brewery in denver – declaration brewing.

    Love to chat with you about our stuff

    Please DM me


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