Beer list for Allagash’s Wild Friendship Celebration with Cantillon, Russian River


I haven’t posted to this blog for more than a year (because I’m a lazy, drunk, busy asshole), and I’ve been waiting for the appropriate post to make my triumphant return to the blogosphere o’ beer. As soon as I received the latest update from Allagash regarding its May 9, 2015, Wild Friendship Celebration with Cantillon and Russian River, I knew the time to bless you all with a post had come. OK, nobody reads this blog anymore — again I haven’t posted for a fucking year — but still, this information is worth a post.

Here’s what Allagash, Cantillon and Russian River will be pouring, and yours truly will be excitedly drinking (from the commemorative Wild Friendship chalice), this coming Saturday in Portland, ME:

BANG. BONG. BOOM. That there, ladies and gentlemales, is one hell of a beer-lover’s lineup. I plan to post lots of images and details from the event, so stay tuned.


Image via BeerStreetJournal

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7 thoughts on “Beer list for Allagash’s Wild Friendship Celebration with Cantillon, Russian River

  1. Sherwood says:

    Welcome the fuck back! I missed you and I truly enjoy your blog.

  2. Cujocon says:

    Where is this happening in Portland? Is it a private party, open party? Will I be able to buy bottles?

    • It’s a private event at Allagash’s brewery. Bottles will not be for sale, not even to the people who have tickets to the event, unfortunately. It’s just a tasting. Hit the Wild Friendship Blend link in the post for details.


      • Cujocon says:

        Thanks, should have checked there first…I assume it’s too late to enter to buy tickets as the link at the bottom seems to be dead.
        Enjoy it!

  3. Cujocon says:

    just read the rules…looks like a great event, sorry I’m missing out, but I can’t really afford it anyway.

    • Yeah, tickets weren’t cheap, but it’s really a once in a lifetime opportunity. The Wild Friendship beer itself is obviously unique, and the head brewers from each brewery will be there. Cheers.


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