Dogfish’s Coolest Tap Handle Ever

Dogfish Head Uber Shark tap handle

Is this new Dogfish Uber Shark Tap handle the coolest tap handle ever? No, probably not. But I think it’s Dogfish’s coolest tap handle, at least of the ones I’ve seen. During the past couple of years, Dogfish has really upped its tap-handle game, releasing new tap handles every year, at least, and getting more and more colorful and creative.

Dogfish Head Uber Shark Tap handle

Some of the most interesting tap handles aren’t cheap—this one costs a cool $79, plus shipping—but any of the bars I drink at regularly should easily be able to afford it with the profits they make from my overblown drinking habit. (Give me more free beer, ya cheap bastards!)

Learn more about this tap handle, and other handles, at Dogfish’s online store.


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8 thoughts on “Dogfish’s Coolest Tap Handle Ever

  1. Bierbattered says:

    looks like SyFy’s newest Friday night movie 🙂

  2. I’d watch that. Seriously.


  3. From DFH website about the handle:

    “Designed by this year’s seasonal artist Jim Mazza, the handle measures just under 12′ tall by 3.5″ at the widest point, and is all business…”

    Holy hell! A tap handle that measures just under 12′ tall?! I guess they were really going for lifelike on the shark. LOL

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