Beer Nerd PSA: Cantillion Zwanze Day 2013 is This Saturday

Cantillon Zwanze Day 2013

Just an (un)friendly reminder: Cantillon’s 2013 Zwanze Day is this Saturday, September 14. I wrote about the event last year, and believe you me, it was a blast.

Details on this year’s event and a full list of locations can be found on Cantillon’s website. Or read more about it here.

I’ll be at Lord Hobo in Cambridge, MA, on Saturday. If you spot me—I’ll be the guy with the Red Sox hat and the beer—leave me the fuck alone, huh? I’ll be busy drinking Cantillon.


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5 thoughts on “Beer Nerd PSA: Cantillion Zwanze Day 2013 is This Saturday

  1. Nitch says:

    So… what was UBN’s take on this years release?

    • Unfortunately I didn’t get to try it. I showed up at the venue 3.5 hours before it was being poured, and there was already a line out the door. I wasn’t about to wait and then not get in anyway. I’m still kind of disappointed. And pissed off. Sad UBN.


  2. TastingNitch says:

    So.. what does the UBN have to say about this years release?

  3. Nitch says:

    Double comment, extra points for me. (>.<)
    I am outraged that you didn't get in! You should have just walked to the front and flashed a fake badge of some kind, "Urban beer nerd here, coming through!"
    Complete sympathy though, I also didn't get to attend- I had to work. Money, money, money. Ugh.
    Next year…

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