Cantillon Blåbær Blueberry Lambic ’13 Bottled Today, Very Limited Distribution

Cantillon Blåbær Blueberry Lambic label

I like Cantillon beers. A lot.

I’m always seeking news ways to obtain the incredibly-rare lambics, and I keep a close eye on the brewery online and in social-media circles.

This morning, Cantillon announced via Facebook that its super-exclusive, you-can’t-fucking-have-any-unless-you-live-in-or-near-Belgium lambic made with blueberries, Cantillon Blåbær, was bottled today. Only a single barrel, or 300 liters, was made. It will be shipped out at the end of June, but Blåbær will only be available at a specialty beer shop in Copenhagen called Ølbutikken. (“Ølbutikken” translates to The Beer Shop.)

Unfortunately, Ølbutikken doesn’t ship beers, but you can contact them and ask them to hold bottles for you if you plan to be in Copenhagen within the next month or so.

I will not be in Copenhagen anytime soon, so I guess Blåbær is going to remain on my Must-Have Beers list for the foreseeable future.


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10 thoughts on “Cantillon Blåbær Blueberry Lambic ’13 Bottled Today, Very Limited Distribution

  1. Headed to Belgium this Saturday! Thanks for the tip… Hopefully I can find it.

  2. Awesome. Send me some! Especially if you do find the Blåbær.


  3. I’m sure we can work out a deal! Keep up the good blogwork!

  4. TastingNitch says:

    Lets just say, theoretically, Nitch gets her hands on some of this Cantillon Blåbær and offers to ship it to you. Is it even legal to personally ship beer over seas?

    • Hi Nitch,

      My understanding is that the laws around shipping beer vary by country and even by state in the United States. But I order beer from Belgium quite frequently. The key, I think, is to declare the contents of the package as something other than beer. Like “collectible bottles,” for example. You’re taking a risk when you send or buy beer and have it shipped internationally. But I do it frequently. If you were able to find some of the Cantillon beer and were willing to send it my way, I would make it worth your while.


  5. TastingNitch says:

    When you say it like that I am forced to look around me for the feds. Underground international beer smuggling is a crime and I admit to nothing! ^.^

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