AB InBev’s Latest Monstrosity: Bud Light Lime ‘Straw-Ber-Rita’

Bud Light Straw-ber-ita can

One of the worst days of 2012 for me was a few days before Christmas, when my underage, college-going niece asked me to buy her and her two cheerleader friends a “30 rack of Bud Light Lime.”

I refused, of course. Not because I didn’t want to buy beer for a 19 year old and her giggly buddies—I’m a lowlife, after all. I refused because she used the term “30 rack of Bud Light Lime.”

Bud Light is relatively cheap. It’s not challenging. It’s low in alcohol so even amateur drunks can consume it for long periods of time. And it’s consistent, so you know what you’re getting every time you buy a “30 rack.” For these reasons and more, it’s incredibly popular.

But Bud Light is also boring. So AB InBev has to use lots of silly marketing techniques to keep young drinkers and people who don’t actually like beer interested. Techniques that include making beer that tastes like things that don’t taste like beer. Fruit juice, for example, and then putting it in brightly color cans and bottles of all shapes and sizes.

According to a tweet from CNBCBeerNews on Twitter, Bud Light Lime was the second most popular new alcohol release of 2012. I have no idea if this is true or what the number one new release was—probably something that tastes even less like beer than Bud Light Lime. But I know Bud Light Lime is hugely popular among college students, particularly female coeds. And I bet AB InBev’s brand new Bud Light Lime Straw-ber-rita, which is reportedly being released today, will be equally popular.

If you honestly like Bud Light Lime, man, you should drink it to your heart’s content and not care what anybody else thinks. To each his (or her) own. But I dread the day that I have I hear the term “30 rack of Bud Light Lime Straw-ber-rita.” I don’t even like writing it.

Fuck a Straw-ber-ita; drink a damn margarita is you want a beverage that tastes like one.


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7 thoughts on “AB InBev’s Latest Monstrosity: Bud Light Lime ‘Straw-Ber-Rita’

  1. G-LO says:

    I saw that picture and almost threw up in my mouth. I enjoy a well made fruity drink. I’m learning to enjoy fruit based beers like Lambics, and I even enjoy a Hard Cider on occasion. But this Bud Light Lime crap is utter nonsense and downright awful. Scratch that. I wish it were interesting enough to earn the awful monicker. This stuff is bland and makes me urinate an awful lot. The good news is that Big Beer is pulling crap like this to hold on to their market share, and college kids aren’t college kids forever. Remember, today’s college student is tomorrow’s Beer Geek.

    • Good point. And you’re right, AB InBev is just coming up with products like this in an attempt to maintain its stranglehold on the beer market. But the times are a’changing.


  2. BottleChange says:

    I have a friend who drinks nothing but bud light and if I forgot to bring my own beer over to his house I’ll have one with him. I won’t enjoy it but I’ll do it to be social. But if I get offered a bud light lime…any variety…I’ll just drink water. I despise the taste and can’t fathom how anyone can enjoy it.

    • Hey BottleChange,

      I’m the same way. If I’m somewhere that has nothing but Bud Light, like a baseball game or something, and I want a beer, I’ll have one. I never really enjoy it, but I’m not above drinking the occasional shitty beer. I think I’ve only had Bud Light Lime once or twice. I’d rather have a regular Bud Light, but they’re both shitty.


  3. Hey Urban Beer Nerd, I’ve been going through, and I’m pretty sure this blog is one of my new favorites.

    On this post – in the kids’ defense, at 8% ABV, Bud Light Lime Straw-ber-rita is the equivalent of drinking about 43 regular Bud Lights. So if you’re not concerned with taste (which clearly these kids are not), the stronger the better. On a serious note – fucking gross.

    Unrelated side note, I’m curious what your take is on the InBev Goose Island merger.

    • Hey Steve,

      Glad to hear you’re enjoying the blog.

      You’re right, of course, about Straw-ber-rita being a whole hell of a lot stronger than Bud Light. And it probably even tastes better to youngins who haven’t yet acquired a taste for beer. But the whole idea just strikes me as another attempt to fill liquor stores shelves with as many A-B products as possible, so there’s less room for competition.

      I have mixed feelings about the A-B acquisition of Goose Island. I’m honestly a big fan of a number of Goose Island beers, including the various BCS flavors, Madame Rose and especially Juliet. And GI appears to still be producing quality beers, even after John Hall, John Laffler and Jared Rouben left the company. It’s hard for me to be angry at a brewery that’s genuinely producing great beer. But I also feel like Goose is an extension of A-B, and if you ain’t part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

      Thanks for reading.


      • UBN, Your point about shelf space is spot on. It sums up the same problem I have with the InBev takeover of Goose Island. A giant company that makes a fortune putting out mostly garbage products is cornering the craft beer market now and taking away even more shelf space from the little guys in the process.

        Thanks for responding.


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