MA Isn’t Getting Stone Enjoy By 2.15.13 IPA After All—Neither is TX or MO

Stone Brewing Enjoy By IPA Twitter Conversation

Earlier this month, Stone Brewing Co. announced the markets in which the latest batch of its stellar Enjoy By IPA will be available. The company posted a confusing blog entry to introduce the beer and the markets, and it mentioned the little social media promotion it used when the last batch of Enjoy By was released.

I wrote a blog post listing the markets, and I reached out to Stone via Twitter for some clarification on whether or not the states that “won” the social media contest-deal would get the latest batch, Enjoy By 2.15.13, because I thought that was the point of the whole promotion. Stone sent me a direct messaging saying the winning states, Texas, Massachusetts and Missouri, would indeed be getting more Enjoy By. And since I asked specifically if these states would be getting the 2.15.13 batch, I thought Stone’s response meant that these three states would be on the Enjoy By 2.15.13 distribution list. I then updated my blog post with the new information

But apparently I was wrong. And I’m a bit pissed off. I’m not pissed that I won’t be able to get any Enjoy By 2.15.13 in my home state of Massachusetts. It’s just beer. (Okay, I’m a little pissed about that.) I’m pissed Stone told me that the beer would be coming to the three states I asked about. I reported that on my blog, which makes me look foolish for posting misinformation. I take this blog very seriously, even if it is just a silly beer blog. I value every reader, and I hate posting misinformation.

Looking at Stone’s Twitter response, I see that it could mean Massachusetts will get more Enjoy By IPA at a later date, and not the Enjoy By 2.15.13. But I asked Stone specifically about this batch. (See the Twitter conversation above.) And apparently it was never coming to my area—or Texas or Missouri.

Anyway, I apologize for the confusion. I’m a big fan of Stone, but I’m not pleased. If they didn’t make such damn good beer (read my review of Enjoy By 12.21.12 here) I might be inclined to boycott them…or at least talk shit on this blog and on social network.


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6 thoughts on “MA Isn’t Getting Stone Enjoy By 2.15.13 IPA After All—Neither is TX or MO

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  2. Hey UBN. First off, we appreciate that you’re a fan of Stone Brewing Co. and reached out to us about the availability of Stone Enjoy By IPA in Massachusetts. We want to provide correct information to anyone inquiring and apologize if our response via Twitter was a misinterpretation of the question. To clarify, Massachusetts and Missouri will get a future batch of Stone Enjoy By IPA based on the interactions we saw on the Stone Enjoy By IPA website.

    However, just because a state or area receives the most votes in a specific round does not mean the state or area will get the very next round of the beer. It comes down to a number of other factors, one of which is the logistics of packaging and shipping the beer on the same day. Before the results are in for a current round, we are already in talks with distributors to see if they are able to get Stone Enjoy By IPA out to our fans in the time frame we need. And note, which distributors we decide to speak with depend on the amount of votes a specific area or state has received.

    So, the determining factors as to where Stone Enjoy By IPA will go is twofold: first, it’s based on our distributor’s ability to get the beer out in record time and, second, our fan interactions on social media and the Stone Enjoy By IPA website. We encourage our fans to continue voting via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and on the Stone Enjoy By IPA website because we will send out future batches throughout 2013.

    If you have future questions we encourage you to email We apologize for the confusion once again, and look forward to working with you in the future. Thanks for spreading the good word about craft beer. Cheers!

    • Thanks very much for that clarification. I appreciate it. I realize now that Stone/you misinterpreted my question on Twitter and/or I misinterpreted the answer I received. It’s not a big deal, though as I wrote in my post, I do my best to be 100 percent accurate in this blog, and I thought I was clear in my question on Twitter. Anyway, I will certainly use the email you shared to inquire about any Stone-related questions I may have in the future. And I hope Massachusetts get some more Enjoy By IPA ASAP.


  3. charlie says:

    Thanks for the hard work and dedication to accurate, quality posts, UBN. Let’s just hope Stone doesn’t decide to shit on MA again.

    • Hey Charlie

      Thanks for reading. I don’t really think Stone “shit on” us Massholes, but I do think it could have been more much clear about how the whole Enjoy By social-media promotion works. Oh well. At least Mass will get some Enjoy By at a later date, or at least Stone says it will. It really is an exceptional IPA.


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