Carry Your Beer Like a Boss with a Badass Bottle Tote

Beer Bottle Tote Bag

My girl got me a bottle tote bag for Christmas this year. When I first unwrapped the gift, I wasn’t exactly thrilled, because it’s a kind of pussyish tan-green color, and I never really wanted one. But after using it for a few weeks, I’ve become a big fan, and now I never go to the liquor store without it.

Not only does the tote make it easy to carry a half dozen bomber bottles while shopping around my local beer store, it reduces the number of brown bags I take home every time I buy beer. Most of the beer stores I frequent individually wrap each bomber with a paper bag so they don’t clank around or they place each bottle inside one of those plastic bottle net thingees. They then put all of the bottles in another, larger brown-paper bag. That’s a lot of paper bags, and I buy a lot of beer. I recycle any paper bags I get, but the bottle tote largely eliminates the need for them, and it’s convenient to use.

My bottle tote bag has compartments for four bottles and a center space that can hold another couple of bottles or even a four pack of 12-ounce beer bottles. It is made of thick, durable canvas, and it costs $19.99 on, plus shipping. I highly recommend it. You can also find other cheaper options online, including a cool, branded bottle tote from Russian River Brewing Co., one of my favorite breweries.

So go on and get yourself a badass bottle tote, whydontcha?


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2 thoughts on “Carry Your Beer Like a Boss with a Badass Bottle Tote

  1. Mike D says:

    For those who want a 6-bottle tote bag on the cheap, go to your nearest Whole Foods that sells alcohol and buy 6 – 22oz bottles — the bag is then free. Bonus points if you go to the Cambridge Whole Foods on River Street (Central Square) which actually has a pretty decent selection at normal prices. It’s marketed towards people who buy 6 wine bottles, so if your nearest whole foods isn’t like mine, you’ll find it in the wine section.

    I’m positive it’s not as nice as the one you posted (and definitely not the russian river one) — it’s the same material as the $1 reusable grocery bags every supermarket sells, and you’re advertising for whole foods. But it does have bottle dividers, it’s not pussy-ish tan, and since anyone reading this blog likely buys beer, it’s free.

    • Hey Mike,

      Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve seen the Whole Foods bottle totes, and while the price sure is right, they seem so thin and weak that I think I’d be hesitant to use one to carry six bomber bottles, especially after it aged a bit. That’s what I like about the one I spotlighted in my post: It’s made of thick, rubbery canvas, and it’s built to last…even if it isn’t my favorite color.


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