How to Keep Beer Cold in Hotel Rooms without Refrigerators

Hotel Room Sink Filled with Beer and Ice

I travel frequently, and so, I lay my head in quite a few hotel rooms. Many of those rooms have mini refrigerators. Some even have full-size refrigerators. But lots of the rooms don’t have any refrigerators, only small buckets and ice-making machines in the hallways.

Refrigerator-less hotel rooms can be an issue for beer nerds who need to keep brew cold. But thankfully it’s an issue that is easily resolved.

First, call the hotel’s guest-services line and ask them if they have mini refrigerators that they can send to guests’ rooms. If so, ask if they charge for use of the machines. Some hotels will send up refrigerators for free, but others—I’m looking at you MGM Grand in Vegas, you cheap fuckers—charge fees.

Getting a refrigerator sent up to your room is obviously the best way to keep beer cold. But if you’re like me and don’t want to pay $20 a day for a shitty refrigerator, you can make one out of your bathroom sink or your bathtub if you’re throwing a hotel-room party and need to cool a bunch of beer. (You can also tell the hotel that you need a refrigerator for medical reasons—you have diabetes, and you need to keep insulin cold—and they should wave the charge, but that’s kind of a scummy thing to do.)

Just fill up the sink or tub with ice and then pack it with as much beer as you can.  Of course, if your sink is full of beer you won’t be able to use it to wash your hands after you take a piss. But that’s a minor price to pay for frosty brew—and you can always wash your hands in the bathtub or shower.


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4 thoughts on “How to Keep Beer Cold in Hotel Rooms without Refrigerators

  1. charlie says:

    I’ve also filled up my hotel trash bin at the ice machine. Depending on the size and porosity of the bin, it’s a solid option that won’t keep you from washing yourself.

    • Yeah, that would certainly work too. But the sink is probably cleaner than a trash bin. If you’re pouring your beer into a glass the cleanliness of the ice container might not matter. But if you’re drinking from cans or something, you may not want them soaking in dirty water.


  2. Nitch says:

    Stay frosty and classy, as they say

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