Helps You Find Deals on Already-Cheap, Terrible Beer Beer Deals

This morning, I came across a new website called, which, as its name implies, is designed to help you save money on beer. Sounds good, right? The only problem: The site is useless right now, at least to me, because it only shows deals on shitty beer at completely random liquor stores and markets.

For example, I searched for deals on any and all beer within 20 miles of Boston, a major city, and found less than a dozen deals at only two liquor stores. Every single “deal” it found was for beer I wouldn’t drink if you paid me. (Natural Light, Genessee, Keystone Light, etc.) Not one deal on one craft beer. And the site also serves up ads for shitty beer like Coors Light.

To be fair, is new, and it will naturally take some time to build a database of participating stores—right now, it looks like somebody from a liquor store or somebody familiar with that store actually needs to list every deal. As for the lack of any decent beer, says “we just post the deals. We don’t decide what goes on sale, or what appears in an ad. We’re like the United Nations of Beer, all are welcome, with malice toward none. All SaveOnBrew does is show the lowest ADVERTISED price.”

Saving money on beer is great, but right now is not at all effective in helping me do so.


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6 thoughts on “ Helps You Find Deals on Already-Cheap, Terrible Beer

  1. jsamuelson18 says:

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  2. Your screen shot shows 251 deals within 20 miles. Did you scroll down a little or use the filters?

    • Hey Mark,

      To be honest I didnt even notice the additional results. But I just tried the search again, and found less than a dozen “craft beer” deals out more t han 200. Even those were for beers like Sam Adams and not “microbrews” or niche craft beer. So I still feel the same way about Did you try it? Do you feel differently about it?


  3. Yeah. I feel a little differently. I run SaveOnBrew! 😉

    • Ah. I could see how you might feel somewhat differently. 🙂 Let me know when your site recommends more craft options, etc. I’d like it write something positive, but I’m also going to be honest.


  4. Yep. Sure. Different strokes for different folks. In the grand scheme, ALL beer, on sale or not, will eventually make its way to SaveOnBrew.

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