Bad People Sometimes Drink Good Beer

Good People Drink Good Beer pint glass Hunter S. Thompson Quote

“Good people drink good beer” – Hunter S. Thompson

Being a professional journalist and a bit of an oddball myself, I’ve always been a fan of Mr. Thompson and his alter ego Raul Duke, who pioneered “gonzo journalism” and proved to generations of writers that good journalism doesn’t have to come in the form of boring, conventional reporting. But I must say, that quote is pure bullshit. I’m a terrible person—just ask my mom, she’ll tell ya—and I drink amazing beer.


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2 thoughts on “Bad People Sometimes Drink Good Beer

  1. […] honestly wish I had more good things to say about Watch City. But as I wrote earlier this week sometimes bad people drink really good beer. And on the flip side, good people sometimes make not-so-great […]

  2. […] people like bad beer. A lot of good people drink bad beer, and some bad people drink good beer—trust me, I know. That’s fine. To each his own. But don’t try to tell me shit beer doesn’t […]

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