Get Your Own Personal Kegerator for Just $329 Shipped

I always kind of wanted my own kegerator, especially when I was in college, but I never actually bought one because I was broke as a joke in my college days, and now I don’t like to drink the same beer for very long, so it’s just not practical.

I spotted a great deal on this Nostalgia Electrics KRS2100 Kegorator Beer Keg Fridge on, so I thought I’d share. The kegerator, which normally retails for $500—and was reportedly selling for as much as $660 earlier this year—is now on sale for a very reasonable $329, with free Super Saver shipping.

And it comes with “everything you need to dispense a commercial keg including- regulator, D system keg coupler, tubing, CO2 tank and tap,” according to That’s a steal, but you should act fast if you’re interested. The Amazon sale price could change at any time.


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One thought on “Get Your Own Personal Kegerator for Just $329 Shipped

  1. […] it’s on my beer bucket list. Randall isn’t really designed for in-home use—unless you own a kegerator—but every beer bar could step up its game by purchasing its very own Dogfish […]

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