Pucker Up: 12 Sour Beers that’ll Have You Hooked in No Time

Russian River Supplication Sour Ale

Sour beers aren’t for everyone. They’re definitely an acquired taste, and not everyone will acquire the taste for tart ales. Those who are daring enough to push their beer boundaries a bit, however, will very likely be rewarded. (Check out this post for details on the difference between “sour beer” and “wild beer.”)

I started drinking sour beers about a year ago, and I’m absolutely hooked today. It took a bartender at the Sunset Grill and Tap in Allston, Mass., to convince me to give sours a try beyond that first challenging sip. Now the first thing I do when I visit a beer bar is scan the draft/bottle list for sours.

It pays to start off slowly when wading into the waters of sour ales, though. The following list spotlights a dozen of my favorite sour beers, starting with some less-challenging sours and finishing up with some seriously sour brews. Most of these beers, with a few exceptions, can be found in quality craft beer shops throughout the United States. (Note: The Russian River beers at the bottom of the list are very hard to find outside of California, but they’re so damn good, I had to include them.)


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9 thoughts on “Pucker Up: 12 Sour Beers that’ll Have You Hooked in No Time

  1. I’m one of those lucky people who loved sours at first sip. I’d throw Boon Geuze and Boon Marriage Parfait Geuze on the list as well.

    • Boon Geuze and Marriage Parfait Geuze could definitely be on this list. They’re both solid. I could go on and on listing awesome sour beers, but I wanted to keep it to a dozen or so in this post. I admit, it took me a while to really enjoy sour beers. Now they’re all I want to drink most of the time.


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  3. Adriana says:

    After traveling west last summer, I too fell for sour beer. I was in Santa Rosa and had the Russian River brews. There is no better sour beer.
    I’ve not found many places that serve them around Boston (though now I will be heading to Sunset). Can you recommend any other local bars??


    • Hey Adriana,

      Unfortunately, you won’t find Russian River in MA very often, because they don’t distribute here. I’ve found a few bottles, but they always came from someone who brought them back from Cali or from a beer trade with someone in a market where Russian River distributes. Lots of bars serve sour beers, though, including Sunset. I go there often. And I can definitely recommend lots of great Boston bars, many of which serve sour beers. Hit this link.

      Thanks for reading.


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  5. sthodson says:

    I’m at the Armsby Abbey in Worcester drinking one right now.

  6. […] are pretty much all I want to drink—except for IPAs; I still love my hops. (Check out my lists of sour ales and Flemish red/brown ales for details on my favorite […]

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