What’s Better than a Bouquet of Roses? A BREW-K of Beers

BREW-K beer bouquet

Nothing says I love you, or I fucked up, I’m sorry, like a BREW-K of craft brews—at least if you’re a beer nerd. (Warning: Your tea-totaling significant other might not feel the same way. )

The BREW-K is a piece of cardboard that’s shaped to hold a dozen 12-ounce beer cans, with seven of the 12 cans displayed in bouquet-like fashion atop the holder. The bottom section holds the remaining five cans. And the top can also be used to hold seven 12-ounce bottles.

From BREW-K.com:

“[The] BREW-K beer gift box is a package that will not only deliver a ‘Thank You’ like no other, but like a good brew, it will spark conversation and leave the lasting impression you were looking for. Simply put, the BREW-K was made for those times when a special gift from one beer lover to another is needed.”

The BREW-K is clever, I guess. But it’s essentially a $10 piece of cardboard. Still, I’d rather receive a BREW-K of craft beers than a bouquet of roses. But again, that’s just me. (Note: I spotted the BREW-K in the November issues of Beer Advocate magazine.)

Visit BREW-K.com for more details.



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