On This (Web)Site in 1897…

Samuel Adams Brewery Sign on this site 1897

The image above was taken by Instagram user philips_beth at the Boston Beer Co.’s Samuel Adams Brewery in Jamaica Plain, Mass. (Jamaica Plain is a Boston neighborhood on the city’s west side.)

I’ve been to the Samuel Adams brewery a number of times, for tastings and new brew launches, and I recommend any and all beer nerds in the Boston area put the Sam Adams brewery tour on their to-do lists. (The Sam Adams tour was recently ranked number four on TripAdvisor’s best U.S. brewery tours list.)

I don’t remember ever seeing the On This Site in 1897 sign, but it amused me when Sam Adams posted it on Twitter this morning. (Okay, Sam Adams himself didn’t post it, that dead fuck isn’t on Twitter, but you know what I mean.) The irony is that Boston is a very old city, by American standards at least, so something interesting probably did happen on that site in 1897.


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