Rare New Beer Alert: Chimay Spéciale Cent Cinquante

Chimay Spéciale Cent Cinquante

In early August, Belgian Trappist brewer Chimay announced its 150th anniversary beer, called Spéciale Cent Cinquante, which (roughly) means “special 150” in French. Chimay’s Spéciale Cent Cinquante is a pale, Belgian strong ale, and it looks like it’s hitting U.S. store shelves now—albeit in very small quantities and only in certain states.

Chimay reportedly only brewed 12,500 cases of this special anniversary Belgian ale, and the United States will only see 2,500 of them, according to a press release from Hunterdon Distributors, which sold its allotment of 500 bottles in a single week.

Chimay Spéciale Cent Cinquante will be available in Virginia, Florida, California, Kansas, New York, Massachusetts and Puerto Rico, according to Hunterdon, but it seems likely other distributors will ship the beer to additional U.S. states.

So beer nerds should be on the lookout for this rare, new limited-edition brew, which will never be made again. I’m a big fan of Chimay, and I’ll definitely do everything I can to get my hands on the Spéciale Cent Cinquante ale. If you find a bottle, buy it immediately—and then promptly send it me. Please. (Hunterdon also says Chimay will release another special anniversary Chimay Vintage Grand Réserve later this year, but I couldn’t find any specific details about that ale.)

More about Spéciale Cent Cinquante, from Chimay:

“This special edition is a full bodied and distinctive strong beer developed within the abbey to celebrate and honour the 150th anniversary of the brewery. Produced with 100% natural ingredients, its pale golden robe and champagne sparkle is topped by a rich white head of foam. The distinctive bouquet evokes the rich fruity and complex notes of the Chimay yeast in harmony with a delicate spicy note and the fragrance of fresh noble hops. At 10% alcohol, the flavour is full bodied and complex with a slight but refreshing tang note and a crisp hop finish that will delight the palate.”


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4 thoughts on “Rare New Beer Alert: Chimay Spéciale Cent Cinquante

  1. Looks exquisite. Do you know if they will be exported to the Netherlands?! I was in the tiny Belgian town of Chimay this summer and it is definitely one of the best Trappist breweries. Can you get their cheese in the States? You should keep an eye out, it’s really something special.

    • I honestly don’t know if Speciale Cent Cinquante will make it to the Netherlands or not. I just picked up a bottle of my own in Boston, MA, but I haven’t tasted it yet. I’m planning on cellaring it for a while. I was on Chimay’s website recently, looking for cellaring information for this ale, and I saw a page with Chimay cheeses. I didn’t know they made cheese, and I’ve never tasted it. I don’t think you can (easily) find it in my area, but I’m definitely intrigued now.


    • Lode says:

      There are Belgian beer webshops who deliver abroad 😉

      • Hi Lode,

        Yes, I am aware of the sites that ship Belgian beer to the US and elsewhere, but the cost of shipping makes buying beer from these sites cost restrictive. Some US states also have local laws that make it illegal to ship beer to these states. I wish neither of these things were true. I’d buy a lot more beer this way if they weren’t.


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