Stone Levitation Ale Barbeque Sauce is Fantastic

I’m a big fan of Stone Brewing Co. and its Levitation Ale, so when I saw the company’s Stone Levitation Ale Barbeque Sauce on sale at the Craft Beer Cellar in Belmont, Mass., I didn’t hesitate to buy a bottle. And I’m glad I did. It is some seriously delicious sauce. Awesome sauce, you might say. Chili de Arbol and liquid smoke give it a very mild spice and smoky taste. And the Levitation Ale and some Stone Pale Ale mustard add a unique flavor that’s unlike any other bbq sauce I’ve had before.

Stone Levitation Ale Barbeque Sauce

I marinated a chicken breast for about three hours before grilling it up, added a bit more sauce after it was cooked, and I was a happy man. Unfortunately, my girlfriend didn’t feel the same way, because she’s a vegan and the sauce contains anchovies.

As with most of Stone’s brews, the bbq sauce has some amusing text on its bottle. Here’s my favorite part:

“If this bottle is a gift, we apologize that you had to learn about your, err…’grilling & marinating challenges’ this way. Your friends and family want you to succeed. They want the best for you. And themselves.”

Nice touch.

Stone also makes a Smoked Porter Barbeque Sauce, but I haven’t tried that one yet. Both sauces can be purchased online for $7, plus shipping, from the Stone Company Store.


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One thought on “Stone Levitation Ale Barbeque Sauce is Fantastic

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